CEDEFOP Report: The job and skill mismatch phenomenon

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) has recently published an important report entitled ‘The Skills Matching Challenge: Analysing Skill Mismatch and Policy Implications'. With rapid technological change intensifying, the concept of ‘skills mismatch' has already become central to European policy debates.


The report provides an overview of factors that contribute to the mismatch phenomenon, and also organises the many different research findings that have already been published regarding skills supply and demand. Lifelong learning is essential for successful careers, and a mismatch of skills required for a job can even lead to a negative impact on earnings.

CEDEFOP argues that the issue of mismatching skills and jobs should be taken seriously by national and European policy-makers. Analysing skills mismatches and predicting skills needs can have a positive effect and be favourable for society through increased innovation.

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