New EU Skills strategy is vital for future growth and jobs

The EC recently published a report entitled ‘New Skills for New Jobs: Action Now', that investigates the match between skills and labour market needs across Europe, and presents key recommendations and advice in the context of the EU 2020 strategy for growth and jobs.
Thirty-four recommendations are based on four main priorities suggested by the expert group of authors: 

  • to better anticipate future skills
  • to develop right mix of skills
  • to bring the worlds of education, work and trainingcloser together
  • to provide employers and individuals with the right incentives to upgrade skills e.g. raise awareness about schemes for recognition, guidance, counselling and certification.

The right skills are essential for an employable workforce, and to bring the EU out of recession. In line with the EU2020 strategy, digital fluency for all citizens is one crucial skill that is recommended sooner rather than later.  Among other strategies, the report recommends achieving this by implementing digital and media literacy throughout all aspects of education.  

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