Results from EU's Five-year long, multi-billion Euro ICT Strategy

The European Commission recently published a report on the achievements of Information Society and Media policies which highlights the impacts of EC policy over the last five years and shows how these are intended to lead to developing a digital economy for all Europe in the future.

The report highlights 10 key achievements by the Information Society and Media over the last five years that have occurred through implementing the Barroso-led i2010 policies:

  • 23% of the European population now has broadband access
  • €1 billion was allocated for further broadband connections in rural areas
  • €9 billion investment in ICT research
  • Geant 2, the world's fastest research network, with the EC's support can now help to transform ICT innovation, by delivering high-speed PC power and data resources to 30 million academics and researchers worldwide.

The EU intends strategies to be the first steps to creating a knowledge and innovation-driven economy and society in Europe.

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