e-Skills Gap Continues to Grow

Building on the original e-Skills Foresights scenarios report by CEPIS, a recent report commissioned by DG Enterprise and Industry, presents the possible different outcomes that may occur over the next 5 years for e-skills supply and demand, and predicts that by 2015 there could be an excess demand for 384,000 ICT professionals in Europe.

Five different scenarios measured the possible impacts on the levels of e-skills supply and demand. The different variables included ICT innovation investment in the European economy and the attractiveness of ICT jobs and careers in general. In addition, the predicted number of ICT-related university graduates was taken into account.

Some of the five scenarios, ‘Back to Normal', ‘Turbo-Knowledge Economy', and ‘Investing in the Future' show economic growth but there is still not enough supply to meet ICT-related demands.  The scenario ‘Stagnation' will see demand for ICT practitioners match supply, but with negative results for the economy and ICT innovation.

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