Publication of latest UPGRADE issue

The latest issue of UPGRADE is now available. The issue features a monograph entitled "Experiences and Advances in Software Quality" which brings together a collection of reflections and experiences from leading experts in the field of software quality. Topics such as the current situation regarding software quality, trends and areas that require improvement are discussed throughout. 

The guest editors of this monograph are Darren Dalcher (Founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management, United Kingdom; Professor of Software Project Management at Middlesex University), and Luis Fernández-Sanz (Lecturer at Alcalá de Henares University; Founder and Co-editor of REICIS, Spanish Journal of Software Quality, Engineering and Innovation).

UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork) includes an article from the Italian digital journal Mondo Digitale, which presents insightful and extraordinarily well-documented views on the famous Turing test, an experiment proposed by the great British mathematician and logician Alan Mathison Turing aimed at determining whether a machine i.e. a computer can think.