Call for Experts: CEN Workshop on ICT Skills

The CEN Workshop on ICT Skills, which is part of CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, is seeking applications from those with relevant expertise to serve as paid experts on the project teams listed below. CEPIS encourages members to consider applying; the deadline for applications is March 8th.

- Towards e-Job profiles This CEN Workshop project aims to describe a set of job profiles and associate them with Competences as described in the eCompetence Framework, another development of the CEN Workshop.

- ICT Certification in Action This project aims to continue and expand on the results and findings of a previous project titled "ICT Certification in Europe" (CWA16052:2009).

- Implementing eCompetence Framework into ICT SMEs focuses on the issues raised by the implementation of the eCompetence Framework in ICT SMEs and how to move SMEs towards a greater awareness of their e-competence needs and e-certification opportunities.

Experts are invited to send a cover letter and a CV to Philippe Magnabosco by 8 March 2010.