e-Skills Week 2010: promoting ICT-related skills and careers

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European e-Skills Week 2010  is an exciting pan-European awareness-raising campaign  will inform students, young professionals and SMEs about the vast range of opportunities that ICT-related jobs present and will encourage greater uptake of ICT studies and careers. The campaign will take place throughout over 20 different European countries and will reach over 300,000 people.

Many months of ICT awareness-raising, by dedicated public authorities, ICT companies, informatics societies and schools will take place across Europe between December 2009 and the actual week which will be the culmination of the campaign from the 2nd  to the 6th of March 2010.  It is expected hundreds of ICT-related activities will take place including training events, competitions, IT camps, and conferences.

 As CEPIS is in the e-Skills Week stakeholders Committee, we encourage our member informatics societies to get in involved in national activities surrounding this event.  To learn more please contact the CEPIS Secretariat for details of your national contacts and how to join the campaign.

e-Skills Week is an initiative of the European Commission.

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