EU2020 Strategy needs your help for future of Europe!

Europe is in the depths of economic crisis and it is unknown when or how exactly the situation will improve, but governments, stakeholders and citizens alike from across all Member States can help develop Europe's prospects in the future. The EC recently published the EU2020 Strategy paper, to improve Europe as a whole within 10 years and has launched a public consultation to solicit feedback on the paper.

The EU2020 Strategy plans to involve every aspect of Member States and industries to achieve a common goal for a better, more competitive and sustainable Europe by 2020. To do this three main themes have been discussed, and the EC hopes to put forward the complete strategy at the Spring Council in 2010.  

Three main themes are up for discussion in this paper, which when combined will all contribute to a better and brighter future for Europe,  Knowledge & Creativity, Empowerment for all, and a more competitive economy e.g. Green Knowledge Economy. The Commission calls on any interested parties to submit further suggestions by January 15th 2010.

Click here for more information and details of how to submit your feedback