60% of Cross-Border Online Shopping Orders Refused

In response to a recent study which indicates that 60% of cross-border online shopping orders are refused, the European Commission has published a Communication outlining new measures to improve the online cross-border shopping experience for the consumer.

Currently, the complex regulatory environment between the various Member States prevents the consumer from benefiting from a truly single digital European market. The Communication 'Cross-Border Business to Consumer e-Commerce in the EU' sets out a strategy for a simple, single set of rights for EU consumers, to boost consumer confidence through cross-border enforcement and also simplify cross-border rules and regulations for retailers.

Speaking on this subject EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Mrs. Viviane Reding stressed that "Achieving a Digital Single Market is a top priority for Europe.  We won't have a real Digital Economy until we remove all barriers to online transactions, also for end-consumers”.

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