Recommendations of the e-Inclusion i2010 e-Inclusion Subgroup on Future e-Inclusion Policy

The final report of the meeting of the e-inclusion subgroup on future e-inclusion policy orientations has recently been published.  The report represents a consensus of 26 delegates from 21 EU countries on future e-inclusion policy orientations.
The vision of the e-Inclusion subgroup is to enhance digital inclusion initiatives that focus on the use of ICTs to empower individuals and communities. A series of key actions to improve e-Inclusion have been identified: to improve ICT access and skills to stimulate greater use; to address the ageing trend by promoting ICT-enabled solutions and to enhance accessibility and personalisation for more equal and inclusive ICT markets.

The subgroup highlights the need for a better coordination and implementation of e-inclusion initiatives at central, regional and local level for greater impact. Finally, a stronger and more harmonized cooperation among stakeholders of the private and public sector, as well as of academia and NGOs is also particularly encouraged.

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