Digital Competitiveness report published by the European Commission

The European Commission has recently published a Digital Competitiveness Report illustrating the progress made by the digital sector in Europe since 2005 and outlining unsolved challenges as well as actions needed for the post-i2010 initiative period.

The report shows that Europe is a world leader in broadband connection, as well as the only continent with more mobile subscribers than citizens (with a take-up rate of 119%). The youth sector, aged 16-24, are the most active and advanced Internet users: 66% of them use the Internet everyday to access online services, to shape their professional lives, and also to create and share contents. These “young digitally savvy” Europeans are therefore recognized as key players in boosting growth and innovation in Europe.

Commissioner Reding highlights however that despite the tremendous potential of the digital sector to boost growth and employability in Europe, stronger leadership is needed from national governments, along with a pro-active policy at European level in order to ensure that high-speed Internet connections are available for everyone and that there is an online single market for transnational services. A public consultation has been launched by the EC to gather citizens’ suggestions about a new EU ICT strategy after the official conclusion of the i2010 initiative at the end of this year.

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