Publication of UPGRADE 3/2009: Libre Software for Enterprises

This issue features a monograph entitled “Libre Software forEnterprises”, which describes how companies of all sizes working in theICT sector are defining their strategies regarding free/libre softwareand, in particular, how they relate to other players (otherenterprises, volunteers and professionals) within that scenario.

UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork) presents a case study of theimplementation of the Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) inNigeria. It shows how beneficial it is to introduce such technologiesin developing countries and provides some insights into the problemsthese countries face in this industry compared to those of thedeveloped world.

In addition, this issue includes an article by the ECDL Foundationthat discusses the importance of keeping skills at the centre of allcapital investment projects in these challenging times.

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