Publication of UPGRADE 2/2009: Geographic Information Systems

The latest issue of UPGRADE is now available.  This issue features an editorial article entitled "Social Networks - Problems of Security and Data Privacy Statement" which consists of a position paper from CEPIS on Social Networks.  The monograph entitled "Geographic Information Systems" presents the so-called "(Geo)Information Society" in which GIS makes an invaluable contribution to the knowledge of the environment and the consequences of people's interactions, giving rise to a significant improvement in decision-making in many areas of human activity.

The guest editors of this monograph are Irene Compte-Lobera (Girona University, Spain), Monica Wachowicz (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) and Jordi Guimet (Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, Spain).

UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork), with an article from the Slovenian journal Informatica which aims to demonstrate how advances in information technologies in the last two decades have helped to improve stock market efficiency, and an article from the British magazine ITNOW which is intended to provide explanatory descriptions of cutting-edge concepts of High Performance Computing.