CEPIS Taskforce on Professionalism

Members of the Taskforce on Professionalism met Martin Curley, Director of Innovation at Intel on 20th January in Dublin to discuss synergies between the Taskforce and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) (an organisation established by the National University of Ireland and Intel).

Martin Curley presented at the CEPIS Autumn Council in Brussels on the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). A core function of the IT-CMF is to act as an assessment tool and a management system that guides senior IT and Business Management in selecting strategies that continuously improve, develop and manage the IT capability in support of optimised business value delivery. IVI also offers a range of educational options for the Business and IT executive who aspire to manage IT for business value in their organisation.

The Taskforce has been invited to work with IVI to determine avenues of joint awareness raising activity in the EU. IVI has also invited CEPIS and its members to be involved in the further development of the IT-CMF.

For more information on IVI visit www.ivi.ie. Martin Curley is a prominent speaker at European and international events and his support for the CEPIS Professionalism initiative will assist the Taskforce in developing its activities further.