ENISA Publication on Resilience Features of IPv6, DNSSEC and MPLS and Deployment Scenarios

ENISA has recently published a report on 'Resilience Features of Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6), DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Deployment Scenarios', which evaluates the impact of those technologies on the resilience of public eCommunication networks, as well as their potential to improve the security of the Internet. An overview of characteristics, assisting features, as well as possible deployment scenarios for these technologies is also presented.

The conclusions of the report demonstrate that all three technologies are likely to improve resilience to some extent, but some of the outlined features might be overstated by advocates. Several challenges still need to be addressed and resolved, such as the possibility that some uses of these technologies might increase the risk to resilience and the necessity to improve the security of the Internet.