Commission Consults Stakeholders on Co-Operation Priorities in Education and Training for 2009-2010

The second European stakeholders’ Forum on EU cooperation in education and training was organised by the European Commission in Brussels on 9th February 2009. Following up an open consultation in December 2008, the Forum brought together about 80 representatives from stakeholder organisations and social partners to get feedback on the main features of the strategic plans for European co-operation on education and training up to 2020, as well as the most urgent actions to be implemented in the period 2009-2010.

During the forum, the participants debated the long-term challenges for European education and training systems and exchanged ideas about how better co-operation among the EU institutions and stakeholder organisations could make education an essential element in achieving the goals of both the Lisbon Strategy and the renewed Social Agenda. Specific issues such as school dropouts, student mobility, as well as the necessity to better match skills with the needs of the market and of the society, were also addressed.

In a session dedicated to the European Year of Innovation and Creativity 2009, participants exchanged proposals about the promotion of innovation and creativity as driving forces for the socio-economic growth of Europe and the role of national lifelong learning policies in promoting people's employability and adaptability.

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