EC Report: "Shaping the ICT Research and Innovation Agenda for the Next Decade"

The European Commission has recently published a report "Shaping the ICT research and innovation agenda for the next decade", which refers to a public consultation held in late 2008, in preparation for the Communication “A strategy for ICT R&D and Innovation in Europe”.

During the consultation, over 500 ICT industry representatives, experts, and policy-makers expressed their views on the future challenges for ICT research and innovation, and proposed strategies and initiatives to promote the role of Europe as a global leader in the international knowledge society.

The report highlights the need for the EU to face the major socio-economical changes that impact ICT innovation and research, such as competition from emerging economies, but also to take a leading role in addressing global solutions for environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and social welfare.

The report finds that in the field of ICT research and innovation, Europe’s leadership will depend on its ability to encourage skills upgrading for the workforce, to improve ICT infrastructures, to invest in research and promote more attractive careers in ICT. It suggests that a greater effort should also be made by the EU to create a more stable regulatory environment in order to promote the coordination of European, national and regional programmes with structural funds and to encourage closer cooperation among procurers, suppliers and policy makers.

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