Publication of UPGRADE 1/2009

The latest issue of UPGRADE is now available. This issue features amonograph entitled "Universal, Ubiquitous and Intelligent Web" whichdescribes how the most recent developments are focused on achieving thethree main goals stated by the World Wide Web founders and leaders:universality, ubiquity and intelligence.

The guest editors of this monograph are Klaus Birkenbihl (Coordinatorof W3C's International Offices program, Germany); Encarna Quesada-Ruiz(Pez de Babel, Spain) and Pablo Priesca-Balbín (CTIC Foundation, Spain).

UPENET (UPGRADE European NETwork) contains an article from the Spanishjournal Novática which presents the "ECDL - Health" programme, launchedin a pilot in Italy, the UK and the United States, the main purpose ofwhich is to promote the informatics culture within health organisations.

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