Europe to Enhance Preparedness for Cyber Attacks

The European Commission has recently launched a new strategy to enhance preparedness, security and resilience against major cyber attacks that could put Europe’s critical information infrastructures under threat.

Preventing breakdowns of communication infrastructures is essential for European economic development. The large number of e-commerce transactions conducted daily, the role of ICT infrastructures in the energy, transport and finance sectors, as well as the growing use of online banking and public services are just a few examples of how information infrastructure is fundamental to society. The protection of these electronic infrastructures is therefore a critical issue to be addressed at both national and international levels.

Calling all stakeholders to contribute to the improvement of preparedness and prevention, the EC announced that a European Forum will be used to exchange information and good practices among Member States, while a European Public-Private Partnership for Resilience will be established to enhance cooperation among businesses and public authorities.

Other recommendations include the development of a European information sharing and alert system, as well as contingency plans for security incident response and disaster recovery. The EC also invited the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) to support this initiative by fostering dialogue between stakeholders to ensure that guidelines for long term stability and resilience of the Internet are established and adopted internationally.

Click here to view the Communication 'Protecting Europe from Large Scale Cyber-Attacks and Disruptions: Enhancing Preparedness, Security and Resilience'.