UPGRADE and CEPIS Success at World Wide Web Conference

On the occasion of the 18th International World Wide Web conference,held from 20th-24th April, in Madrid, CEPIS and ATI on behalf ofUPGRADE and Novática produced a monograph in conjunction with highprofile authors from W3C and other prestigious institutions. Themonograph was provided to each of the 1000 distinguished expertsattending the conference and contained information about the work ofCEPIS and UPGRADE in order to increase the visibility and prestige ofboth.

200 journalists registered for the press conference with ICT-worldcelebrities such as Tim Berners-Lee and Vinton Cerf (two of the mostinfluential and best known "fathers of the Internet").

CEPIS would like to thank ATI, the UPGRADE team and Novática for theirwork in making this opportunity to promote CEPIS a success for allinvolved.

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