Commissioner Reding Calls for a More Accountable, Transparent and Multilateral Internet Governance

Commissioner Reding has recently posted a video message on her website calling for a more accountable, transparent and multilateral Internet Governance as of October 2009, when the agreement of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) with the US Department of Commerce will expire and the ICANN will be fully privatised.

The ICANN was established in California in 1998 and is the organisation taking some of the most sensitive decisions related to the Internet and managing top level domains, as well as the Internet address system worldwide.

Commissioner Reding also offered EU full support to the US Presidency for the creation of a new privatised, independent, financially transparent and democratic model of Internet Governance after 30th September. The new model should ideally include a multilateral forum where representatives from all world regions could discuss policy issues related to the governance of the Internet and guarantee that Internet safety, openness and stability are constantly safeguarded.

Click here to view Commissioner Reding’s video message.

Click here for further information on the public hearing on Internet Governance, organised by the European Commission on 6th May in Brussels.