EC Launches eYouGuide to Promote European Consumers’ Digital Rights

The European Commission has recently launched the eYouGuide, an online tool that provides advice for European consumers about their digital rights and informs them about EU law for online transactions.

The eYouGuide was created by the EC in response to the 2007 Parliamentary resolution on consumer confidence in the digital environment, which stressed the consumers’ lack of confidence with regard to the safety of online shopping and transactions.

A 'Digital Agenda' has also been launched by Commissioners Reding and Commissioner Kuneva, highlighting EU commitment to combat spam, guarantee the respect of privacy policies, enhance e-accessibility for people with disabilities, promote safe online payment systems and harmonise cross-border licensing regimes for online content, as well as laws on copyright. Finally, a European system of trustmarks for retail websites will be created in cooperation with companies and consumer associations.

Click here to view the eYouGuide website.

Click here to read the European Parliament Resolution on consumer confidence in the digital environment.