EU to Boost High-Risk Research on Future Information Technologies

The European Commission has recently announced a strategy aiming to enhance high-risk research on future information technologies and to boost scientific knowledge for a more competitive economy.

On the occasion of the European Future Technologies Conference in Prague, Commissioner Viviane Reding called upon Member States to double public investments in high-risk research in ICT by 2015, as well as to strengthen cooperation with other European and world partners, in order to enhance innovation and catch up with the US, China and Japan, the current world leaders in ICT research.

For its part, the EC committed to increasing investments in ICT research from €100 million to €170 million by 2013. A series of flagship initiatives showing Europe’s greater effort to support research at academic and business levels have also been announced; these will provide innovative solutions in areas such as climate change, sustainable development and supportive services for an ageing population.

Click here to view the Communication: 'Moving the ICT frontiers – a strategy for research on future and emerging technologies in Europe'.

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