New Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) e-Journal

BISE is the newly designed science-oriented and peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal, which addresses the entire techno-economically oriented community and is globally available via (currently available without restrictions, but will later be for authorised universities) and (for subscribers).

BISE has its roots in the journal WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK, the central publication of the German-speaking BISE community. On the occasion of WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK’s 50th anniversary, the editorial board and Gabler Publishing initiated a comprehensive internationalisation strategy together with the industry partners Allianz, Commerzbank, IBM, McKinsey, SAP, and T-Labs. This strategy has the character of a European – and even international – lighthouse project.

The primary objective is to align the journal with the requirements of increasingly international research and to position it among international top journals. At the same time, the field’s and journal’s strengths are to be conveyed to the world without neglecting their position in the European – and particularly the German-speaking – countries. These strengths include: design science-oriented and interdisciplinary research approach, fruitful mutual exchange with business practice, simultaneous emphasis on rigour and relevance as well as a double-blind, constructive, and rapid review process.

The journal appears identically in German and English. BISE constitutes the latter. Accepted research papers will be translated in close cooperation with the authors and a professional team of translators, appearing bilingually, thus gain high international visibility.

If you have any questions on BISE; on how to receive the e-journal, or on how to submit manuscripts to it, please visit or contact the Editor-in-Chief Hans Ulrich Buhl.