CEPIS at the European e-Skills Conference 2008

The e-Skills 2008 Conference, hosted by CEDEFOP and the European Commission, was held in Thessaloniki on the 9th and 10th October. The conference gathered stakeholders from Europe and across the world, among them several representatives of CEPIS Member Societies.

At the conference, Declan Brady presented the CEPIS view on Professionalism in the ICT domain at the ‘ICT Professional, e-Skills Certification and Training’ session. This was an important step to engage the Commission and other stakeholders in a dialogue about the merits of Professionalism for the European economy. Given that several participants indicated their interest in the issue, the Taskforce is planning to hold a workshop in conjunction with the European Commission in early December with the view to drawing more support for this CEPIS-led initiative.

At the same session, Peter Weiβ presented the recently launched CEN/ISSS led 'ICT certification in Europe' project which is based on the CEPIS led Harmonise project. Harmonise received coverage at the Thessaloniki conference through the circulated eSkills ILB newsletter.

Damien O’ Sullivan, CEO of the ECDL Foundation, presented at the 'Digital Literacy and Employability' session highlighting the need for governments to prioritise digital literacy certification in their national ICT reform programmes. In the coming weeks, the Commission will present a synopsis of the Conference conclusions which we will post in a forthcoming newsletter.