European Commission Calls for International Cooperation in Science and Technology

In a recent Communication, the EC has called on governments to develop a strategic framework for stronger cooperation with non-EU Member States in science and technology.

The framework’s objective is twofold. Firstly, it aims to integrate Europe's neighbours into the European Research Area (ERA) and foster cooperation in strategic areas with other key partner countries around the world and to improve the overall framework conditions for international cooperation in science and technology. Secondly, it advocates for more coherent cooperation between EU Member States to increase the credibility and attractiveness of the European Union on the international scene.

The Commission also recommends strengthening the global position of the EU's ICT industry and other advanced technologies that could, thanks to EU regulatory principles, improve the investment environment and anticipate the convergence between electronic communications and media.

The Communication is one of five policy initiatives planned by the Commission to follow up the 2007 Green Paper ‘The European Research Area: New Perspectives’ and is a further step in the creation of the ‘fifth freedom’ by removing barriers to the free movement of knowledge.

To view the full text of the Communication click here