Publication of UPGRADE 5/2008

UPGRADE 5/2008 issue, corresponding to October 2008 (Vol. IX, issue no. 5), is available now on the UPGRADE website:

This issue contains a monograph entitled "Innovation Driven by ICT Users" which highlights the increasing importance of the active use of ICT by users in creating and promoting new successful business models and shaping a more open and participative information society. A wide variety of examples and case studies are presented, along with three interviews with some of the most distinguished experts in the field of innovation close the monograph.
In addition this issue includes an article by the CEPIS Legal and Security Experts Group stating its position on the Directive of the European Parliament on Data Retention.

The guest editors are Alfons Cornella-Solans and Teresa Turiera-Puigbò (Infonomia, Spain), and Mads Thimmer (Innovation Lab, Denmark).