Chave Internet Clubs Project Selected as Finalist and Medal Winner for the European e-Inclusion Awards

Chave Internet Clubs, a project implemented by Erudis in conjunction with the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics, has been shortlisted as a finalist and medal winner in the 2008 European e-Inclusion Awards.

From over 469 entries from public and private organisations throughout Europe and beyond, this project was chosen in the Cultural Diversity Award category, which recognises initiatives that use ICT to positively impact minority ethnic groups, in this case Roma youth.

Chave internet clubs support socially and culturally disadvantaged school children using games and leisure activities based on the ECDL model to encourage development of the children’s e-skills. The project also works with local teachers to raise their awareness of how ICT can support the learning process through interactive and online methodologies.

Finalists in each of the 7 categories are invited to present their projects at the e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference in Vienna (30th November-2nd December 2008), where the winners will be announced.

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