Publication of UPGRADE 6/2008

The latest issue of UPGRADE is now available. This issue features a monograph entitled "New Trends in Network Management" which describes present and future solutions to be incorporated into networks to ensure a good quality of service to users and applications. It includes an interview with Radia Perlman (the "Mother of the Internet") whose farsightedness on the issues addressed makes for a compulsory reading.

The guest editors of that monograph are Ramon Puigjaner-Trepat (Illes Balears University, Balearic Islands, Spain) and Raouf Boutaba (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).

The UPGRADE European NETwork brings us an article from the German journal Informatik Spektrum which presents how the model-driven architecture (MDA) paradigm is used in the field of model-based software development and discusses some issues that are still problematic and need to be dealt with carefully.

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