New CEDEFOP Publication: Citizens' Views on Lifelong Learning in 10 New Member States

CEDEFOP has recently published a report on lifelong learning in the 10 newest EU Member States. The publication presents the results of a 2005 Eurobarometer survey on lifelong learning, which was carried out in those countries and compares them to the findings of a similar survey, run in 2003 in the EU-15 territory.

Providing a snapshot of citizens’ opinion on lifelong learning, the report shows a general citizens’ acknowledgment of the importance of skills upgrading and of the need to adapt knowledge to the changing socio-economical conditions. Learners’ preferences and motivations are examined, together with a parallel analysis of how additional factors, such as different learning contexts and environments or political and financial support, can determine the success of lifelong learning initiatives.

A strong emphasis is given to ICT skills for their contribution to a better integration of citizens in the job market and more generally in the Information Society.

The outcomes of the report will help the EU to adapt information campaigns and initiatives aiming to enhance lifelong learning. The success of policy guidelines and strategies in education and training, in fact, can be fully achieved only if those are tailored to the real needs and motivations of citizens and adapted to the changes of the society.

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